Our Sustainable Studio



When launching iluca the label, designers Stephanie + Olga  had a set of priorities that they were determined to adhere to. After a poor experience finding out where some other clothing labels that they were thinking of stocking in their own retail store (My Store Sydney), the two set out on a mission to find the perfect makers for a label that lasts decades.. not just half a season!  “I wanted to created a beautiful, feminine range of clothes and accessories from a range of natural fibres; cotton, supima, muslin...and I wanted them to be made by a group of seamstresses that were well paid and actually enjoyed their work.”

 Of course, when launching a fashion label, budget is always at the forefront of their minds. But while they knew that there were cheaper ways of getting her designs manufactured, Olga chose instead to seek a sustainable studio in Bali. Beyond the tourist hub of Kuta and its nearby beaches is a deeply spiritual country that values art and creativity and its here that she discovered the ideal manufacturing studio.

 iluca's textile factory employs and trains men and women from the local area. “The Balinese are Hindu and therefore their religion is an integral part of their day-to-day life. There are many celebrations throughout the year and we always allow our employees to take these days off so they can be with their families. When we’re particularly busy we offer them paid overtime but there is never any expectation that they have to do it - it’s always their choice,” says Olga.

iluca's  Balinese studio is an integral part of the business and these two energetic designers are proud of the talented team they have the opportunity to visit and work with.