Iluca, the label

 Designed by The Sundance people




 Iluca (noun): Petite embroidered smocks, with sundry folds of all-natural linens and cottons, rolled up hand-sewn details and finishings.

Hearty denim, organic cotton pieces with the most beautiful detailing that hangs pretty when not worn on the daily, as it waits to be worn by the next generation. That's the feeling iluca the label emulates through the efforts of designer duo at the iluca studio, from stunning smocks, tops and the rest, to footwear and accessories. 

Both studying design and have a passion for travel, for unique embroidery, for billowing smocks and barefoot feet, they have started a intricate, detail oriented label. 
After many sun drenched afternoons listening to their favourite artist iluka, with the sounds of Son and Brother, Luca laughing in the background, the special muses fused into an iconic name for a special label.  

The label is born out of Sydney, with eclectic charm, combining beach dancing smockery, and nostalgic influences from pieces passed down in their family from generation to generation. There designs are based off wardrobe staples and awesome embroiled pieces from all over the world in their collection from travels.

Timeless pieces, design visions and blending styles are what we are all about! It is the iluca mission to dress  your special petite's in the most beautiful fashion. The design duo personally design each item and ensures that they're manufactured, packaged and distributed ethically and in an environmentally sensitive way.



We'll do our very best to ship worldwide ... if your country is not on our list we will find a way to get it to you. Email us on for special requests.


All smocks and shoes are hand made. Naturally, there's going to be variation with hand stitched garments but we think that's half the charm. We're a bit fussy about fancy high-standard and quality and do go a bit OCD with QC so we're pretty sure that won't happen. However, if you do have a concern with a faulty or damaged item, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the goods at  so we can review the matter.


Our linens are all hand dyed so there will be variations in batches of fabric colour. Also, the computer screen or mobile phone that you look at our products on may not truly represent the actual colours that they are in real life. Even though we try to photograph them to capture the closest possible match sometimes, there may be a slight variation which adds to the uniqueness of each piece. We are happy to send any further images should you want a closer look at any item, do contact us



As each collection is in limited numbers, we accept returns only under dire circumstances of unworn items, still tagged, returned within 10 days of delivery. Returns are subject to availability. No returns accepted unless agreed to by the design duo. Cost of item only (not shipping) will be refunded if terms are agreed to. Return shipping cost and taxes to be paid by customer. There are no returns on discounted sale items.